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Mobile App Developer
iOS Engineer

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I am very busy right now building amazing projects!   Please leave your contact information & I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.   Thank You 😉


About Me

Take a Peek Under the Hood?

Greeting Javascript Controlled ;)

Software Development is my passion 🔥 and focus!  Do you have an exciting or ambitious project or job for me?  Contacting me is easy.  "Talk is Cheap" and "Show Me The Money" are not simply punch lines.  These mottos describe the reality of my work product.

For over 20 years I have been creating applications (Apps) in diverse enviroments like the Web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Unix.   In the past I have been focused on Full Stack Development.  I am now focused 🔎 on pure Apple development with a special emphasis on iOS engineering.

I am simultaneously optimistic and a realist, I love life!  Have you ever noticed how contagious a Smile can be?  Sounds gimicky but I will now try to put a smile on your face.  Please consider the following phrase...

Javascript Controlled ;)
Javascript Controlled ;)

For your convenience, I have provided detailed information about me.  Select a  See More 👍   button below to drill down into each category.

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My Career

I've Never Worked A Day In My Life?

I am known as a high functioning multi-talented Software Engineer. I have an extensive background writing code under Apple, Microsoft, and Java environments. I'm kind of like a... See More 👍

The Environments and Technical Skills I use are constantly changing but here is the short list:

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Proof of Concept is in my DNA. I use "Fail Fast" methodology to determine success or failure of any prospective project or enhancement.

Recent Projects

Nothing Works Unless We Do?

Software Development has always been my passion 🔥 but I also love a great adventure! 

Much of my work is private and cannot be disclosed due to non-disclosure agreements.  In lieu of this restriction I have placed several Apps online.   I have been performing Software Development in many different forms and types for years.

Here are a few examples of my work by category:

Mobile Projects

Crumb Trails

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This App helps you remember where you have traveled.  When traveling or moving a navigation point or "crumb" is placed on a map.  For each trip all these crumbs are organized. 

The App is interactive and provides real time information as you travel.  Full of cool features, like speedometer, weather on demand, mark my spot, etc.

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This App simply scans documents into your phone by category.  Let's you categorize to your preference with a built in file manager. Your documents are always saved ... See More 👍


Working Hard To Get Noticed

Don Johnson


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Jose Rodriguez


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Cheryl Hefferon


Duane is simply wonderful!   I hired him as a... See More 👍

Joseph Poturalski


Duane has always displayed a high degree of... See More 👍

Thank You!

I hope you enjoyed visiting my website today.   If you want to Chat or have a question, please feel free to contact me.   😀

Have a good day!

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